A little about me

The name’s obviously Adam, creative soul, movie lover, always cooking South-East asian food. I come from a little town called Tenterfield in NSW and I currently live in Adelaide!

I first got hooked on photography when I chose it for a semester at Uni. I was doing a Bachelor of Visual Arts and; being an artist, I naturally saw the world in shapes, light, plains and poses. I learned the fundamentals during that semester and only intermittently used the camera in the following years, as I was gallivanting around the country and abroad with just a backpack, a blank A3 book and a few pieces of charcoal.

After years of being a travelling vagabond, selling art and shaking cocktails, I got back into photography in 2020 while I was locked down in Edinburgh.
After returning to Australia and randomly running away with the circus, I slowly built up my portfolio of beautiful faces whilst on the road, before getting a job as a tour photographer on Moreton island.

This gig developed my skills with the camera exponentially, learning to frame and expose for the shot quickly, being waist deep in the ocean with waves crashing on your back as you try get a nice photo of a family feeding a half submerged wild dolphin, throws a photographer quite literally in the deep end!
Where does one move after island life? Well the red centre of Australia of course.

Here is where I really started to evoke emotions with portraiture and hone my storytelling skills. I met an experienced model and we did photoshoots of all kinds, so much so that we fell in love and left the desert together on a road trip along the Great Ocean Rd, capturing moments along the way.

Which brings me to North Adelaide, where I now have a home studio to capture portraits and headshots. I do enjoy the possibilities and control over the strobes in the studio, but I’m more passionate about capturing moments and stories, candidly in the ambient light of the city and in nature.

Let's create together!